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Towards further enforcement of (change begins with me) slogan and their mutual vision of empowering young people, Junior Chamber International Lattakia in partnership with the Syrian Youth Council are pleased to host Leadership for Change Academy between August 1st and 4th to enable young leaders to become the next global changemakers. This Training Academy will be led by the Portuguese international trainer Filipe Carrera, The training package is going to include six modules:

  • Creating bridges among people
  • Make yourself heard
  • Making the difference
  • Effective Leadership
  • Building intercultural understanding among people
  • Local Solutions for global issues (Open discussion cases about global citizenship)

Welcome to our Academy



Our special Trainer

Filipe Carrera


Filipe Carrera


Empower people and organizations to move beyond expectations through knowledge and digital tools.

Keynote Speaker and a Trainer

He did hundreds of presentations in English, Spanish and Portuguese in about 50 countries, in 4 continents, helping thousands of people and organizations to win in more global and social world.

He was awarded “Most Outstanding Trainer in Europe” and “Most Outstanding Trainer in the World” by JCI.

Author of the books “Digital Marketing: Version 2.0” (available in Portuguese), “Networking – Your Professional Survival Guide” (available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Romanian and Mongolian) and "Communicate 2.0 – The Art of Communicating in the 21st Century" (available in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Mongolian).


Academy Location & Time:

The academy activities are basically taking place in Miramar Hotel, Lattakia. We’re going to be waiting for your arrival on Wednesday 1st of August before 18:00 EEST (UTC +3), and our program will be completed on Saturday 4th morning.

opening ceremony and closing ceremony will be in Fratelli


The official currency in Syria is the Syrian Pound. Only US Dollar/Euro Exchange can be done by the organizing committee. 1 USD is approximately 445 SYP.

Flights are available to Damascus International Airport from some countries. And those who can’t find a flight to Damascus, shall book one to Beirut Rafiq-Hariri Airport, Lebanon.

Lattakia is one of the safest cities in Syria and Beirut-Lattakia & Damascus- Lattakia highways are totally safe.

There are some economic sanctions in Syria, so the only available payment method is cash money.

The temperature in August this year is approximately 28 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is around 80%.

There’s no need for any specific vaccines before coming to Syria; knowing that there are no communicable diseases or epidemics. Health care is fully provided, when needed.

In the application form you’ll fill out the nationality section. The organizing committee will work on your visa, if needed.

Arabic is the only official language. Most of the young people in Lattakia can speak quite good English. The organizing committee members are fluent in English.

Internet access is available all the time, and international participants will be provided with 3G sim cards, upon request.

There will be multiple focal points around Syria, and we will provide you with their contact information after acceptance.

We will set a deadline for you to send a copy of your flight ticket, and fees payment will be upon arrival.

Further accommodation choices will be provided upon acceptance.